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tonight on "nightline." the hottest models on the planet donning the sexiest lingerie. the controversy of too sexy too young. dangerous road. car crashes. they happen ten times every minute. but why? texting, chatting and your own kids? tonight, surprising results as we put distracted drivers to the test. he's back. the secret is out and the judgments are pouring in. two larger than life athletes find love, and the world wonders, how long will it last? >> keep it right here, america. "nightli
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>> noo a world where sex sells, teens and even tweens are often buying. girls barely out of middle school are wearing steamy lingerie. but is there anything wrong with a tween dressing like a grown-up? we find out. >> reporter: victoria secret is known for its sexy lingerie. prominently displayed by gorgeous models. but more and more, the seductive underwe are brand is appealing to a younger demographic. tween sensation justin bieber rocked the catwalk at a recent victor victoria's secret fashion show. >> they're all victoria's
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secret. all from the pink collection. >> reporter: gabrielle is 14 years old, your typical young teen. her room piled high with colorful clothes. her wall, posters of pretty models. and she owns more victoria secret lingerie than her mother. >> i own about 20 can victoria's secret bras. last time i went shopping at victoria's secret was yesterday. >> i was going in to pick up something for myself. and she was with me. she just kind of got hooked on all the product up front in the pink department. >> reporter: the victoria secret pink line introduced in 2004 is designed to appeal to college students with brightly colored bras and underwear. but gabby's mom thinks her young teen is ready. >> she's getting to an age where she needs to be starting to wear a bra. why not a fun one versus the plain old white ones she was getting at, you know, just the department stores. >> reporter: but is the line too sexy for tweens?
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with lacy trim and leopard prints, stamps that read "wide" "i dare you" "too much fun." ga gabby says she loves the way the line makes her feel. >> pink is a little more flirty almost in a sense. and then the older ones are a little more mature. >> reporter: her dad isn't as excited. >> being an old fashioned type of father, i was very, i could say not pleased when my daughter started coming home with victoria's secret bags. i asked my wife, why are you shopping at victoria's secret with our 13-year-old daughter? she's a little young for that, isn't she? >> reporter: but it's young girls like gabby that retailers are banking on. the tween market is worth $150 billion to refarls. retailers who target the 18 to 22-year-olds are really hope young teens like gabby are
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paying attention. >> i don't think any marketers would actually come out and admit that's what they're doing, but clearly it seems to be something that's happening with products that are designed for younger and younger girls. >> use the purple with the gray. >> gabby and her 13-year-old friend brianna say lots of girls at her school are sporting the line. >> if you go down the hallways, whether it's a high schooler or it's a girl in our grade, sometimes it's the seventh graders or sixth grader. >> the limited brands owns victoria's secrets. cfo spoke about the company's strategy at a recent conference. when somebody is 15 or 16 years old, what do they want to be? they want to be older. and they want to be cool like the girl in college. and that's par of the magic of what we do at pink. and the spring break line slogan, bright young things, leads many to wonder, are they targeting younger crowds?
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>> these children want to be grown women. i think there's something really exciting about when they hit the 13, 14 age group and they're anxious to become these young women. >> reporter: gabby's mom is one of many parents grappling with the debate. blogger jenny ericksson caused a stir with moms on requests line when she said she would take her tween to victoria's secret to shop. >> nobody wants to be the girl with the ugly underwear. >> reporter: she said she's excited to bring her tween to victoria secret to shop the pink collection. >> i don't think there's anything wrong with having cute panties and bras from the big girl store. >> reporter: her daughter hannah is a 9-year-old fashionista in the making. >> as a preteen, you want to go ahead ahead, a bit away from m gymboree and on to the next level. >> reporter: she says victoria's secret is the rite of passage. >> it's part of our culture.
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>> reporter: as for gabby's parents, they're trying to let their daughter take a step into adulthood without crossing the line. >> i think this space needs to be treated as its own thing very carefully as opposed to just allowing these 13, 14-year-olds to gravitate up to college-age apparel when it really should be tailored for them so that their self-image can be nurtured and protected. >> reporter: for now, gabby's mom and especially her dad are making sure of that. >> as long as she's here, she's not going to be wearing the provocative stuff, though. >> this is an example of something you could not wear. >> reporter: getting fashion advice from not models but someone she trusts. >> thanks goodness i have sons. thanks to abby boudreau. why multitasking is a serious
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>> when we think of traffic accident, we think drunk drivers. but surprisingly, the vast majority of car crashes are caused not by driving while intoxicated, but driving while distracted. we're a nation that prides itself on multitasking, even behind the wheel. but as paula faris learns, you
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may be driving with distractions in your car every day. >> reporter: some people are worried more about their chords and cones than keeping their eyes on their road. and this is what happens when they don't. >> in terms of the crash risk when you're texting or talking on the phone, is that task is comparable to driving with a 0.5 blood alcohol level. >> reporter: an estimated of 80% of accidents are due to distracted driving. but it turns out something you might do every day, driving with kids in the backseat, is an even worse distraction. and one you might not even realize. in a first of its kind study, australian researchers found that children accounted for 12% of all potentially distracted
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activities, more than talking to a front seat passenger, more than adjusting a seat or seat belt. drivers are breaking up fights and calming fussy babies. laura has been there. >> can you get in your seat please? >> reporter: as mom of two active twin boys, laura experienced the added level of distraction that can often come with pint sized passengers. >> i think my kids are more distracting than talking on the phone, maybe because i feel more obligated to attend to their needs. it's really challenging to just do the task at hand and just drive. >> reporter: i consider myself a safe driver, so i put myself to a test. i'm a mother of two. >> we do driver distraction research. >> reporter: with the help of cameras in my car, we asked an expert from virginia tech to judge how safe my driving really is. she and her team analyzed those precious seconds they call eyes off the road. and they agreed to assess my driving. >> you are traveling probably
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55, 60 miles an hour. and look at the eyes off road time right there. that's a lot. >> reporter: look again. i only took the eyes of the road in one second and at that time traveled 75 feet. watch as i grab a snack wrapper. point out sites. >> grabbing your cell phone. and look at that eyes off road time right there. that's a lot. >> reporter: i didn't feel like i was doing anything wrong. the only nithing worse than driving with distracting kids is using the phone at the same time. texting and driving is illegal in 39 states including new york where this officer hunts droifrs who may be violating the hand held cell phone and texting ban. >> any reason you were on the phone today? >> i was just multitasking.
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>> i don't look at it like going out and looking like the violators. i think the violators found us, to be honest with you. >> reporter: if you think using hands free technology is safer, think twice. researchers have proof that even hands free car calls are just as distracting as holding on to that cell phone. here's your brain with no distractions turning right. the orange area representing active any the part of the brain that controls vision and alertness. but turning left against traffic requires substantially more concentration. and your brain nearly short circuits trying to talk, drive and make smart decisions at the same time. the energy used to process vision is instead diverted to an area that's processing the conversation. which could explain why this man on his scooter is nearly hit by this woman talking on her cell phone while turning left. miss it? here it is again. >> you really looked at that stop sign, you really looked at
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that pedestrian. but you didn't see him. it didn't register, because you're on the phone. >> reporter: but there are ways to drive safer. first, set up car rules so your kids know what to expect. if they drop something, make sure they know you can't pick it up until the car stops. if you're tempted to take a phone call, consider an app like zoom safer. it blocks by sending an automated response that you're driving and will answer when you can. nice hat, buddy. and if you can't feed the kids before you leave, keep a snack back close by. one of the few things i did right. how would you rate my safety skills? >> 5 or 6 out of 10. >> reporter: that's a failing grade. >> your rear-view mirror is kind of bad. >> reporter: i'm paula faris in blark blacksburg, virginia. >> a lot of things i need to change. tu thanks. up next, what facebook is saying about tiger woods' latest love
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>> you know, for ordinary people, a budding new romance is a time for heart-fluttering excitement. but when one of the love birds is the world's most famous golfer and repenitent philanderer, hearts are beating for a different reason opinion for lindsey vonn there's an avalanche of scrutiny. we go inside the all-star hook-up that has everyone talking. >> reporter: a picture may be worth 1,000 words but these perfectly staged shots of tiger
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woods and lindsey vonn are apparently worthy of a thousand judgments. a tiger never changes his stripes. are you nuts? and how long til he cheats on you were two of a list of gems left on vonn's facebook page. complete with clearly visible sponsor logos were tra teejically and simultaneously unleashed on the two sports stars' facebook pages. vonn added this note. i guess it wasn't a well kept secret, but yes, i am dating tiger woods. a relationship involved from a friendship into something more over these past few months and it has made me very happy. of course, this isn't just the story of two divorced sports superstars hooking pup. this is the story of a 28-year-old ski champion getting together with a man branded as a champion philanderer. >> i am deeply sorry for my irresponsible and selfish
1:00 am
behavior i engaged in. >> reporter: he even went into sex rehab. >> just when you thought low han had the lock on the title of the lindsey with the worst judgment, along. co-s vonn. >> the two were photographed together and noting that woods reportedly sent his private jet to bring vonn home after her season-ending spill at this race in austria. when it comes to judging raelgsships from afar, the eve left plenty to analyze according to a relationship expert. >> this could be a budding love romance and they're trying to stem the wave of publicity and try to control whatever they can to try to create some privacy. and they deserve to do that. on the other hand, it does seem so contrived and we do feel like we're being manipulated.
1:01 am
>> reporter: the experts say from anthony weiner's so-called weinergate to eliot spitzer's high-price prostitutes. fame and power always seem to offer a chance at redemption. >> some people want tiger to make a grand comeback, especially men who see him as this 2358en hero who suddenly turned into the good guy and got his game back on top. >> reporter: coming out, as it were, on facebook, the experts say, is all about trying to manage two very high profile and profitable images. >> i think it was something they did to get ahead of the story, to define the relationship in their own terms. they released these obviously posed pictures and then they say please respect our privacy. it's almost become a joke. >> reporter: depending on how you look at it, the question going forward is either, can this relationship work or will it help the branding of two larger than life images that could grow even bigger as a couple? i'm neal karlinsky for
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"nightline" in seattle. >> thanks to neal karlinsky. finally, it was ten years ago tonight since the u.s. invaded iraq. bob woodruff tonight takes account of the toll and the progress of that war "by the numbers." >> reporter: when u.s. troops rolled into iraq march 20 in 2003. few would imagine the sacrifice it would require. more than 1.5 million americans would serve. of those killed, 4,378 were men, 110 women. more than 100,000 iraqis were killed. all of it came with a $728 billion pricing that will likely reach into the trillions when you add the cost of caring for our injured veterans. and the square where saddam's statue was toppled, not much has changed. the pedestal stands empty. other sites, once guarded by u.s. troops are decorated with campaign posters for iraq's
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upcoming elections. change in iraq is up deniable. after the invasion, unemployment was as high as 50%. now it's below 15%. before the war, a couple thousand iraqis could access the internet. now there are more than 2 million iraqis online. there are 21 million cell phones in iraq. up from 0 before the war. and in the very spot where suicide bombers once bloodied baghdad streets, shopping and commerce has returned. but just today, a reminder that the violence is never far. 65 dead and more than 200 wounded in to a series of attacks. for iraqis, war still wages on a decade later. >> our thanks to bob woodruff. that's our program for tonight. we hope you check in for "good morning america" to find out about a story they're working on featuring cbs and why they're asking employees how much they weigh. as always, we're online at see you here tomorrow night.
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have a good one.

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